Saturday, 25 August 2012

Starting again

I've just deleted two posts on play testing Augustus to Aurelian on the grounds that I'd made so many mistakes that it could have given the wrong impression of the rules. I'll try to start again over the weekend and put up a post that will give a better idea of the rules.


  1. What, an accountant making mistakes, what about your reputation old chap!

    1. What reputation?
      I had another go this afternoon and decided that the rules didn't do anything Hail Caesar couldn't. Then I had a bit more think, tried them out again tonight and decided that they definitely could. The use of the Carpe Diem cards gives a totally different dynamic to the game, and lets you "interfere" with your opponents moves providing that you have your "Magni Viri" in the right place.
      I think I'm in a position to be able to umpire a game now so I'll be in touch with you and Scotty about suitable dates soon.

  2. Don't think your interfering with my "Magni Viri" using your "Carpe Diem" any time soon!!!!!