Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Murdoch's Guns - Part 2

The day did not go well for the men of Blockhouse Number 4.

After trading shots with the Americans, Pendrick's locals in the Grundy house became so elated with the effect of their musketry that they charged out of the house and around the corner into the flank of the U.S light infantry that had advanced into the farm.*

Suddenly aware that they were outnumbered 2:1 reality dawned, and with Pendrick down they ran back across the field of fire of Murdoch's militia who had now replaced Brackenreid's regulars in the front line.

George Crabtree and the voltigeurs finally arrived, but were unable to fend off the combination of American riflemen and light infantry. At least George didn't get hit this time!

Brackenreid's regulars had taken heavy shock and retired behind Murdoch's militia in an attempt to recover some order.

At this point Brackenreid decide that the guns were not worth the hammering his men were taking and chose to retire from the field.

Another great game of Sharp Practice with Dave getting revenge for the American's showing last time out.

My luck with the dice continued the abysmal streak which started last Saturday at "Wor Lard". Dave and I were lucky enough to take part in Richard Clarke's  Chain of Command Game. After making a tremendous start with command dice roles, my Japanese assault along the Rubber Plantation's railway line  ground to a shuddering halt outside a bungalow full of Dave's Australians with some truly appallingly horrendous dice throws.

*Random firing event after three consecutive flags!!!!!

Sunday, 7 April 2019

¡Si Tu Eres Latino, Saca Tu Bandera!

Nuevas banderas por mi ejercito de la guerra de treinta años.

I'll shortly be having a go at the Fleurus scenario from the "Twilight of Divine Right" rule set. I didn't like the idea of the Spanish side fighting under German Imperial banners, so I've now made all my flags replaceable; the figures will now do for all TYW and ECW armies. I really enjoyed doing these.

And while I was making them I couldn't get this out of my head!
Gente De Zona & Marc Anthony