Friday, 29 June 2012

That scenario again

I've finally got the table finished for the Vimeiro scenario. I've replaced the flimsy MDF I was using for the table with two 4X3 Plasterboard sheets and this means that I''ve been able to go back to using my old 12inch square 12mm chipboard terrain tiles for hills. In addition I've been able to produce variable contours using cut outs from cork tiles for the slopes. If you are sad, mad or retentive enough you can use a contour map of a battlefield to reproduce the main terrain features accurately. The wife reckons I am all three for actually having the idea!

So what's left on the figure front to complete the project?

8 AB Riflemen purchased painted from EBay that need a bit of detailing
12 Battle Honours RFA crew painted from EBay that need a bit of detailing
18 AB Rifles from scratch
16 AB Line infantry to complete the 50th Foot from scratch
6 AB Skirmishers
2 Lancashire Games infantry to complete the 9th Foot.
10 Essex line infantry to complete another battalion.
1 Brgadier

The AB and Essex are in separate brigades

So here are some pics of the table:

This isn't too clear, but there are 4 "contours" of cork tile placed next to one of my old 12mm deep terrain tiles

I'm quite chuffed with the resulting hill; forming the contours for the curves was a challenge. This hill is only 12mm high, but it looks spot on on the table.


Miniature World Maker Vineyards 

View from the French left flank


Monday, 25 June 2012

US Armoured Infantry Platoon

No posts for along time, so I've resolved to put each new unit up as it becomes "table-ready". First up is a platoon for IABSM by the Lardies. I might put some decals on the 1/2 tracks at some point, then again I might not :)