Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sword and Spear

I got these rules a few months ago from:
Polkovnik Productions

They have an innovative activation system using dice (almost but not quite unlike Bolt Action) which proves to be quite effectual in operation.

I'd got a bit hung up about the fact that I like to see melee "pushbacks" in ancient rules, but that they don't happen with these. Dave has pointed out that I probably have "Cannae Issues", and he's likely right.

So we are having a Hundred Year's War good Vs evil game  with Dave sportingly taking the side of evil. As it's a test game in the newly commissioned indoor winter arena it's a plain brown mat and no terrain.

The forces of evil have so far lost 2 units of crossbow and one of mounted knights, but I foresee disaster in the next few moves for the forces of good. As can be seen in the  pictures below, two units of archers were kept behind the line to protect the flanks. They have just got into line, but as yet have not been able to deploy their stakes and the French kniggets are now in charge range. The English captains have been moved to other units to make them easier to activate, but they should have stayed with the flanking bowmen to prepare them for the French assault. I suspect that a judicious application of activation dice by the French will see them ridden down next move. C'est la vie............or probably not in this case.

Vulnerable archers on the right flank. I've since found out that they've been moving too quickly as you lose movement when lugging stakes about:

French peasants "supporting" dismounted knights in the  centre. Knights move slowly and it is extremely difficult to get them moving as a cohesive line. You can get them moving quicker by not using group moves and allocating bonus dice, but this leads to a fragmented advance........subtle and realistic.

Squeaky bum time on the English left too:

Here Dave has hurried the advance by putting his general with a unit of heavy spearmen making it easier to activate, sacrificing cohesion for speed as they leave the knights behind.

To be continued..................................