Sunday, 7 July 2019

Buffalo Wings - Another ripping tale of Sharp Practice with Captain Murdoch and the gallant lads of Blockhouse Number 4 in the War of 1812 - Introduction.

Strange objects have been seen, and odd noises heard, in the skies over His Majesty's loyal colony of Upper Canada. After much hard undercover work, British Intelligence has made the horrifying discovery that the unruly neighbours to the south HAVE DISCOVERED TIME TRAVEL!!!!

It appears that they have travelled forward into the early part of the 20th century and brought back flight technology to a secret base in Buffalo. 

The technology must be stolen or destroyed, and in all of the Canadas, there is only one group of men brave enough or foolhardy enough for the task...............

See Brackenreid, Murdoch, and the team in their most glorious adventure yet. Can they stop the Americans "manning the air" and "ramming the ramparts"?

Stay tuned!

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Inspiration for Sharp Practice - 18th Century USAF and ramming ramparts

Hail To The Chief

Nothing else need be said. 

No Summer Purchases Challenge - Day 36: TW3 6.7.19

Still no purchases!
Continuing the bits and bobs

  • More TYW pikemen finished
  • French artillery rebased
  • British artillery rebased.
  • 5 turns of the Vimeiro scenario played (no displays of senility yet, although there has been an imbalance in dice fortune in my favour - I suspect it will reverse radically in the next session).

A bit of a hole where the first French grenadier brigade was

The second grenadier brigade closes in on the British line

The left of the British line - out of shot to the left Acland's brigade of 2 battalions has just arrived

Thursday, 27 June 2019

No Summer Purchases - Day 27 - 27.6.19 and a game of To The Strongest

So last Tuesday night Dave came over for a Hundred Years War game using "To The Strongest". It was a great game using the "time is of the essence scenario" where the French lose a token at the beginning of every move after the first.

I was the English and Dave was the French, with the English winning a game that was plagued by alternating bouts of senility on either side of the table.

We have decided that game will never be spoken of again.

Next up is probably the Vimiero Hill scenario from the GDB "Wellington's Victories" book using General D'Armee Rules. I've got the table set up and just need to base 4 French limbers for it.

I've carried on painting odds and sods for my Napoleonic and TYW set ups - still haven't bought anything.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

No Summer Purchases - Day 20 - 20.6.19 and Innumeracy

So I'm cracking on doing bits and bobs relating to my TYW set up and decide to set out my "finished" HYW armies for a bit of a break. There are six archer units on my English list so I set them out:
Where's the sixth?

Still stuck on it's impetus base with the extra figures in the spares box is where it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On YouTube I often see videos mentioning that no matter how many times you calculate an order, when it comes through the letter box you always find you've cocked something up and need to order extra bits, so I suppose this is just an extension of that particular war gaming trait.

It also provides proof positive that being crap with numbers is no bar to obtaining a professional accountancy qualification.

On a more positive note - twenty (I think) days and I still haven't bought anything.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

No Summer Purchases - Day 18 - 18.6.19

  1. Ballasted the bases of the french spearmen and some blank spacers for the TYW movement trays.
  2. Stuck some dice frames onto spacers for TYW movement trays.