Thursday, 29 May 2014

Village Complete

I've finally finished the Totalbattleminiatures hamlet mat and based up the hovels houses on Warbases bases (3mm deep). Not the greatest of pictures:

Slightly Different Arrangement

Saturday, 10 May 2014

"Impetus" Basing for 15mm Greeks - Theban Army

These will be used for "Hail Caesar" more than "Impetus" and the frontage is ideal for playing in Centimetres rather than Inches. They were previously based for DBX, but rebasing to this standard is going to get a playable army of two commands out of something that was was too small to use for a game.

Standard Unit
12 figures to an 80mm x 30mm base
This unit has the general attached. All the generals are going to be attached to units. In all honesty if your Greek Generals aren't part of units in this period you're playing fantasy games.

Small Unit
4 figures to an 80mm x 30mm base.
Small skirmish units in "Hail Caesar" should have the same frontage as a standard unit.

Standard Unit
8 figures to an 80mm x 40mm base.
These units are theoretically capable of deploying in skirmish order in "Hail Caesar". I have enough figures to duplicate this unit as 2 bases as per the skirmishers above, but I'm not going to bother for the moment. They can also be deployed as small units. I would represent these as 4 figures on a 40mm square base and if I ever wanted to play "Impetus", 2 such bases would make a unit. The small unit would only need 1 base of skirmishers to represent it in skirmish order.

Medium Cavalry
Small Unit
4 Figures on a 40mm x 60mm base
In the "Hail Caesar" lists Greek cavalry are all small units which I think is fair enough. 

Two of these units would make a standard "Impetus" base

Light Cavalry
I've yet to decide whether I'm going to have duplicate small units in close and open order. At the moment I'm tempted not to bother and have them permanently in skirmish order. This would be:
4 figures on an 80mm x 60mm base.

Needless to say I have a shed load of unpainted Xyston figures to add another command and start in the opposition.