Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 - The Plan

As part of the usual New Year resolution making twaddle, I've been considering the lead pile once more and have decided that this year's painting will be concentrated on my Napoleonic set up. I'll do this in conjunction with continuing to rebase the Thirty Years War Figures.

I've got the Light Division and the French 7th division for Salamanca at 1:20 for General De Brigade and was going to continue with specific Cavalry Brigades and other Divisions as per the orbat. I was also going to do the odd bit of terrain, but I need a coherent plan otherwise more sidetracking will ensue! Fortunately this has been provided by the latest scenario book for General De Brigade, "Wellington's Victories". It contains the following scenarios:
Vimiero 1808 - Vimiero Hill: This is the same scenario as is in the rules which is a bit naughty!
Vimiero 1808 - Action at Ventosa
Talavera 1809 - The battle for the redoubt.
Talavera 1809 - The Battle for the Medellin.
Busaco 1810 - Reynier's Assault
Busaco 1810 - Ney's assault.
Usagre - 1811 - Cavalry action
Villagarcia 1812 - Cavalry action.
Salamanca 1812 - Clausel's counter attack
Salamanca 1812 - The French rearguard
Vittoria 1813 - Assault on the Hill of Arinez.
Sorauren 1813 - Cole's Ridge.
Toulouse 1814 - Beresford's Attack

All the scenarios are of a sensible size (1 or 2 divisions) and recommended table size is 6X4 for 15mm, with a couple of  them using 6X5. The terrain is relatively simple and I think the maximum game length is 12 turns.

So the plan is to work through the scenarios and do the terrain at the same time. With what I have done already I have just a couple of guns and generals to do for the French for the Vimiero Hill Scenario, and I've got most of the Allies too. This leaves a couple of vineyards to make up and the hill,  which is going to be pink polystyrene blank pushed under a GW mat., and making some 24 man British Battalions up to 30s. I already have a village that should do for Vimiero.

This "master plan" should enable me to add to the armies and terrain  I have in  a sensible manner instead of going all out to produce vast divisions and cavalry brigades that probably won't get used (or painted for that matter do to the magnitude of the task). 

Well, that's the plan anyway!