Thursday, 16 August 2012

It took a while but...............

Finally finished the 50th Foot for the Vimeiro scenario:-

I'll have to crack on with the rest now I suppose.

I've also just bought "Augustus to Aurelian", Phil Hendry's rules for wargaming the Roman Pricipate's wars which is sold by the Lardies and uses a card driven command system just like IABSM. I have "Middle Roman" and Palmyran armies which fit into this period so I'll give it a go solo before I inflict it on anyone else. Hail Caesar is fine for me and gets a good game in on a club night, but for games that can be set up at home and left out until finished, I like to use a set that's a bit more period specific - just like Black Powder versus General De Brigade.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Scotty. AB figures are great to paint. You have to sell body-parts to buy them now though!

  2. Very good mate they look the business, well worth the effort. Quite agree with your period specific thoughts, pity they don't cover The Caesarian era for my 10mm stuff.

    1. But they will. The author reckons they'll work from Marius' reforms to Diocletian, but shouldn't really be stretched any wider :)