Thursday, 23 August 2012

Augustus to Aurelian

Actually having a day off today so I've put the Romans and Palmyrans out to give these rules a go. After one false start, I'm starting to get the hang of them. I'm taking pictures of all the moves so the  next update should be a walk through of the rules.
So far I like the look of them and with it being a card driven system with extra cards to "seize the day" at any time , it is a lot more challenging to decide when to actually activate a command.
Basically the casualty system is the same as Hail Ceaesar, with "Stamina" being called "Outlook". The combat system is more complex than HC with 5 armour classes cross indexed to Shooting/Combat ability and then shifted down or up differing numbers of columns depending on circumstances. Passed tests reduce excess casualties to the "Outlook" level just like in HC.
What we have is a cross between the Lardies' command activation mechanism with bonus opportunities to activate and the Black Powder/Hail Caesar/Pike & Shotte casualty mechanism

And that reminds me, I've just finished my US Company HQ for IABSM:-

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