Sunday 11 February 2024

February 11th 2024


Spanish house carved out of EPS with plastic tiles and wood "bits". The windows are sliced up dice holders.

This will go with this previously finished build done in the same way

and this piece made of PVC foamex,

to make this 150mm x 150mm built up area:

I'm trying to get my Spanish buildings to look more like those around Fuentes De Onoro. These were taken on out tour last year:

The old bridge has been replaced by this concrete monstrosity

Work in progress

Continuing with the French 15th Dragoons
(there is some progress, honest)


Dave, the Northumbrian Wargamer and I decided that the Coa game had gone as far as it could with the Soldiers of Napoleon rules. We had reached the point when the Light Division was going to have to start to run like hell to the bridge and, to be honest, we didn't think there were many sets about that would cater for that. It was a great game though.

We are now playing a 1813/14 French vs Prussian game with Dave's 28mm figures and the S.O.N. rules.

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