Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Carry On Up The St Lawrence - Chapter 1 - Opening Moves

As dawn broke over the green, fleece like landscape of eastern Upper Canada, Major Thomas Brackenreid came to the sudden realisation that Cousin Johnathon had managed to outflank his little force of Fencibles and Militia.

"Bloody hell,  Murdoch." he exclaimed in his inimitable Yorkshire fashion, "We've been outflanked."
"I do believe we have sir." replied Captain Murdoch, "I fear we need to act quickly, or we shall be cut off from Montreal."
"You're damn right there." said Brackenreid as he quickly formulated a plan. "Bonzo, beat to arms, and Higgins, take as many lads as are ready down to the road right now! Hold on until the rest of us get there", he shouted in the general direction of his men. "Yes sir." replied Higgins as Bonzo Bonham beat out the heaviest call to arms yet heard along the banks of the St. Lawrence.

On the other side of the Montreal Road, Major Magnum was unusually alert. Unencumbered by his recurring visions of high waves and canoe-paddling natives, he quickly ordered his regulars and skirmishers to deploy towards the road. Maybe the President had been right after all two years ago, when he said that this would be a mere matter of marching..........

But it was too late, the little band of redcoats that had been lining the road had grown in numbers and it now looked like there was some serious shooting to be done.

Major Thomas Magnum  leads his men forward from the rear, accompanied by Sergeant T.J Hooker and drummer Bernard "Buddy" Rich. Captain Jim Rockford (or is it Captain Brett Maverick, it's hard to tell sometimes?) directs the skirmishers from the 23rd US infantry

Major Brackenreid covers his ears as Bonzo beats the advance. Sergeant Henry Higgins steadies the Canadian Fencibles in the face of the American advance.
(The Americans appear to have brought a large drive-in movie screen with them)

"Book them Danno"

View of the Fencibles between the fences of the Montreal Road

This was Dave and I's first go at playing a game via Zoom. We will continue next week.


  1. Frankly, the best view of the battle field yet. Gun smoke and mist I guess!

    1. I doubt I'll be getting a call from Ridley Scott to do some camera work any time soon.

  2. Enjoy your battle reports, and very funny names!

    1. Thanks Mark. 70's detective series and the Murdoch Mysteries are the inspiration.

  3. A cracking start to your game