Saturday, 2 March 2013

Total System Scenic / QRF Rubber Fields

I bought two rubber/latex fields from QRF a couple of months ago and I'm not all that impressed with the "raw product" This first pic shows a field as it came, the yellow "crops" are not good and I'm going to give the whole thing a paint and and some crops from :

I've just bought some of their coloured tufts and some crop rows and they are a great product that sticks without glue to most bases.

Anyway, here's the untreated field:

The next field is a ploughed field that I've painted with Miniature Paints Earth, dry brushed with the Evil Empire's old "Bubonic Brown" and added some Woodland Scenics Clump Foliage for hedges. I've also used some W&N's ink in the "valleys" of the ploughing, but it has dried a bit shiny. Hopefully it will matt itself over time otherwise I'll stick some matt varnish on it.

These products take acrylic paint really well, and I'll certainly get more of them as they conform to slopes  and aren't that much bother to do up.

I also have some TSS rubber river sections which aren't great either, but I'll give them the same treatment.

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