Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bolt Action

Trying out a small Bolt Action infantry only game to learn  the rules:

Americans (Inexperienced)
1st Lt
3 Squads of 10 men including an NCO and a BAR
2 MMGs

Germans (Veterans)
1st Lt
2 squads of 9 men including an NCO with an SMG and an LMG

Some National Characteristics
Inexperienced troops are easier to neutralize when hit, Veterans are harder to kill.
Americans with the M1 Garand SLR can advance and fire without penalty. German LMGs and MMGs get an extra dice for their rate of fire.

By the end of 3 moves the Americans had lost a squad and taken heavy casualties on a second. The only assets left with any punch are an infantry squad working its way round the German left flank  and the 2 MMGs which are currently too far back to assist. 
The red counters are pin markers and these can have a greater negative effect than casualties is some cases.

What do I think of it so far - Impressed!
Quick and easy to play. Attacks have to be coordinated properly and inexperienced troops need to be motivated (Officers removing pin markers). Veteran troops can hold a great many inexperienced types.


  1. Things go quite quickly when you are playing with equal incompetence for both sides 😄