Thursday, 11 June 2015

Getting ready for a (hopefully) final trial of "To The Strongest" for the Thirty Years War

I've used the first trial tufts from the flock box (which I don't officially get until next week), to create a 150mm grid mat with the second ALDI purchase. The Pike and Shot units are on a frontage of 120mm so the 100mm grid for the small ancients games wasn't going to work. This can also be used at the club for 28mm ancient / medieval games (except I don't have any 28mm figs!!!)


  1. Look'n good mate. As you said you will now have to start collecting 28mm to get full use from the matt!

  2. I am really impressed! I love the look of the Swedish brigades in the triangular formation. Something similar might be done with the Dutch diamonds. I'll drop you a line later in response to your email. Best, Simon