Sunday, 14 June 2015

French Horse Artillery

The bases look very Martian again, but they aren't really that colour. I've just got the limber to do and that's the French light cavalry finished for LaSalle.
The tuftage is from Tajaima1 with the lighter stuff down the sides made pre-flockbox.

The figures are from CGM in Spain. They are 1812 regulation and the guns are 6Pdrs (which apparently weren't used in the peninsula but I'm really not bothered about that sort of thing anymore SACRILEGE!)


  1. Very canny mate, your getting pretty prolific, quite a production line. You still going Wed?

    1. Yes, but I won't be bringing the TYW stuff as I'm still playing the final test game out in the garage - it works extremely well!. How about Hundred Years War with a different scenario and using the stratagem cards?

  2. They look good, nice job sir!