Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bloody Hell I've Finished A Project

An unheard of event has just occurred - I've finished a project by finishing basing the Imperialist Infantry for my Thirty Years War setup:
6 Infantry Brigades
1 large unit of outcommanded shot
4 bases to be made into small or medium shot units
These photos are a little better than those of the cavalry as the bases haven't come out as red.
Rules (in order of preference):
"To the Strongest" - I've got some amendments which I thing will work for this period.
"Father Tilly" - especially when Steve Danes has finished the latest version to accommodate bigger battles with 15mm figures - NO PRESSURE STEVE if you are reading this!
"Pike and Shotte" - which I'm increasingly unhappy with for various reasons which I'm not going into.
The figures are a mixture of inherited kit (mostly) eBay purchases and a few that I've painted up myself.They are all Minifigs. I still have some unpainted metal which is going on EBay except for the pikes.  I'll hang on to them in case I want to do some ECW command stands.


  1. Well done!! Maybe one day I'll finish a project????

  2. Thank you chaps.
    I may not even have to keep the unpainted pikes - I'm thinking removable flags on thin brass tube over the current poles!

  3. Lookin good mate. Just the Greeks to base up then! What do you want to do on Wednesday?

    1. Well saying as they're finished we could see if the "To the Strongest" variant for the TYW works - 2 Swedish Brigades, 4 Imperialist Brigades and some cavalry. It will introduce the "unattached commanders" as per the rules and some artillery too.