Tuesday, 12 March 2013

RFA Battery

RFA Battery finished for the Vimeiro scenario. The figures were bought second hand off EBay and I did a bit of work on them and rebased the lot. They had the later scarlet turnbacks on the coat and the pouch was black instead of white so OCD dictated that I repainted those bits:

This just leaves the following bits and bobs to be completed (the two packets contain French Limber Teams)

But at my rate of painting...................


  1. Still abetter rate of painting than me at the minute, just can't seem to get going. Got those flags on the French FPW and the 10mm Romans finished but not much.
    So pull your finger out man!

  2. I wish I just had a few bits and bobs left to paint

  3. But that's just what's left for the first scenario. The leadpile is shrinking, but it's still on the huge side of large!