Sunday 3 March 2024

Even More Stuff

I spent most of my hobby time this week painting up these Late Roman infantry from Fighting 15s. They are the old Gladiator Games figures, but I believe they were originally from a German range. All that's needed now is flockage, tuftage and varnishage.

This Late Roman Legion has been rebased, but the trumpet and officer are new.

I need to replace the old paper chimneys with carved xps ones and put proper shingles on the roof of this War of 1812 building. It looks like some of the paint needs attention too. I've temporarily put the polystyrene blanks in 

The Late Roman project got more out of hand when I bought these from EBay. They are from the same painter as the last lot of Auxilia, and I have 12 light cavalry coming too. I've rebased them and they are also waiting for flock, etc.

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