Thursday, 13 September 2018

Murdoch: Last Of The Summer Wine (A ripping yarn of sharp practice in Upper Canada) - Episode 2

As the sun rose higher over the green fleece-like landscape, the brave garrison of Blockhouse Number Four marched out to defend the warehouse of Don Jose's winery.

 "Murdoch, keep your lads in front of the warehouse and don't budge a bloody inch," ordered Major Brackenreid. "Pendrick, you line the hedge to the right and keep your eye on that wooded hill. When Crabtree finally gets his lazy buggers here I'll get the voltigeurs out on the right flank to see if they can spot any movement in the woods by the creek. I'm heading forward with the regulars to block the lake road."

"Yes, sir" replied Murdoch and Pendrick almost, but not quite, in unison. Sergeant Crabtree and the Voltigeurs Canadiens were nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Major Thomas Magnum (for it actually was he who was in charge of the American force) had not bee idle. Deploying near the lake road he saw Brackenreid's regulars to his front. Sending his flank companies and militia to the left, he ordered them to try and outflank Brackenreid's men by crossing the creek. He then threw his own force of regulars into open column and headed off towards the lake road,  and further into a dark, mysterious land where the healthcare system actually worked.  

Sergeant George Crabtree was now regretting last night's "one for the road" in Murphy's pub. Belatedly, he rounded up his small band of voltigeurs and, adjusting the strap of his bearskin cap, he ordered "Forward!" To the rhythm of the pulse throbbing in his temples, he marched his men out to catch up with Brackenreid.