Friday, 2 September 2016

Back to reality.............

So we've just got back from

Where we mainly watched

(we're on here somewhere - 10feet from a Josh Donaldson Home Run ball!)

And drank...

But we also visited Fort York

Note the blockhouses inside the fort aren't the shape of most wargame model blockhouses. You can judge the height of them from the extremely good looking bloke in the picture below:

I've forgotten what this is, but it's also from 1813 so a mix of materials within the fort.
[Edit: It's the magazine of course, which is why it's made of brick and not wood. Sorry!!!! Still trying to deal with making up 5 hrs!!]

I just took this because it seems like it appears in every book on the War of 1812 ever published!

This is a model of an 18th century fort

And these had to be bought!

At the Canadian National Exhibition (which is bloody brilliant!)  there was a display of sand sculptures. This is "Jose and the Dragon"by Peter Vogelaar.

It celebrates the "Bat Flip" episode from the decider in the Jays/Rangers Divisional Series last year. It caused some angst in baseball circles (especially in Texas!)  but for those who know about what happened in the game it is totally understandable (well it is if you're a Jays fan) and it has become iconic.

So that's all folks..............

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  1. Hey, looks as if you've had a great time and learned a few things in the process. I'll see you at the show if you can get there.