Friday, 8 January 2016

Painter's Block

There seems to be endless posts on wargames blogs about lost mojo and inability to paint. Let's be honest, it happens to all of us, but for wargamers this appears to be a thing that we need some form of absolution from other gamers for. There is an answer to it and it goes like this:-

  1. Wargaming is a hobby not a job.
  2. If you can't be arsed to paint, don't bloody paint!
  3. If you are hung up with guilt for the sin of having too much money wrapped up in the lead pile and you feel you really must paint it or you will be damned to eternal perdition  - SELL THE BLOODY STUFF ON E BAY AND GET SOME MONEY BACK..
  4. "Spend some time" with the wife / girlfriend / boyfriend* - if you haven't got one try getting one they can be fun!
  5. Play with your children or grandchildren.
  6. Watch something on the TV or Netflix that doesn't take itself seriously like "Firefly" or "Boston Legal" - don't watch anything historical where you could spot the wrong button, facing colour, weapon or other inaccuracy that might inadvertently  put a hair up your ass and give you a case of pointless angst in addition to your "painter's block"
  7. Learn an instrument.
  8. Get some figures out and play a game, solo if necessary.

In summary: GET A BLOODY LIFE!

*for the sake of the PC brigade.


  1. Forty odd years of wondering why sad bastards take a hobby far to seriously summed up in one post.
    Well said mate.
    P.S. I also get somewhat pissed off with people posting what they have achieved painting wise this year and what they hope to get done next, is that all you've got to shout about!

  2. Best NY post yet - all power to you that man.
    Best wishes

  3. Hey, this blogs getting a bit posh, you'l have to show me how you got the header picture to look like that, I like it. Ye posh bugger!

  4. Thanks for the affirming comments chaps. I would say I've turned into a cantankerous old git, but I've been like this since I was 18! :)

    Dave - I haven't got a clue what happened to the picture. I was messing about with the blog settings and it shrank. I've tried all sorts to get it bigger again and failed miserably. Story of my life really.

    1. You can get a medically approved machine to assist with that problem Neil. £199.99 in all good adult stores.