Sunday, 13 December 2015

Somewhere in Northern Spain Late 1813ish Part Three

Well we finally finished the game this week. It ultimately went for 20 turns and ended in a draw - both sides choosing to leave the field and managing to recover all their routed units so we'll be on to game two in the New Year.
I think it's fair to say that we have both been impressed with how these rules work, and Dave might add his thoughts in the comments below, but for me it has been all about the impact of the Brigadiers. The two French "victories" in melee were brought about by taking advantage of either their own general's positive tactical modifier or the negative modifier of the British general. In addition to this, when it came to rallying lost units after the game, the French brigadiers' positive "Vigour" modifier were crucial.
The four lost units (2 British and 2 French) all needed to throw 3s to be recovered for the next game. Dave saved the two British units with no problem, but I threw 2s for both of mine and fortunately these were modified to 3s by the Brigadiers' vigour. In this battle there was definitely something to be said for sticking your bicorne on your sword (just don't Dave, please just don't) and shouting "Vive l'Empereur!"
So here's the position at the end of the game.......

On the Allied right flank, the isolated French veteran unit was disposed of as predicted in the last instalment.

In the centre Ross's battery continued to block egress from the village, but the 53rd were perhaps fortunate that night came. They ended in square in the face of the French horse battery and a unit of dragoons.

On the Allied left the rifles re-entered the wood and posed a threat to the horse battery and supporting chasseurs. The KGL dragoons turned about to threaten to support the rifles and 53rd, whilst their attached horse battery threatened the French hussars who had managed to rally off some of the damaged caused to them earlier.

The following three pictures show the closing position from the French perspective:

I think the verdict was "bloody brilliant" - kudos to Sam Mustafa for these rules.

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