Monday, 9 November 2015

Somewhere in Northern Spain late 1813ish

So Dave and I finally got to start our LaSalle campaign. It's basically setting the Allied Light Division against a French infantry division over a series of tables drawn at random from the LaSalle book. The first side to get three games ahead will be the victors.

The first meeting has the Light Division with a reserve heavy cavalry brigade defending against a French Division supported by light cavalry. Dave is the Allies and I'm taking the forces of evil for once.

The first table is a heavily wooded affair. This is quite well suited for the Light Division but not so much for the French attackers. 

The pictures aren't great, but here we go.


A rather fuzzy picture of the French deployment. Light cavalry and horse battery on the right, two infantry battalions and a unit of dragoons in the centre and the balance of the infantry and an artillery battery on the left.

The Allies deployed with the cacadores on the right, the 43rd, 52nd and Ross's battery in the centre and the rifles on the left.

Another view of the Allied deployment.
(The artillery piece next to the wood is the French objective marker)

End of Move 4

The French Horse battery deployed between the woods and the light cavalry seeking a way around what could (very) loosely be described as a flank.

The 43rd have almost occupied the village and Ross's battery have redeployed to cover the gap behind the wood after being forces to retreat by some cannistering from the French horse battery. 

The French foot battery has deployed on a small hill opposite the cacadores and the infantry are trying to look threatening behind it.

Another fuzzy picture, this time of the centre of the field with a French battalion marching up on the road though the wood and another in loose order (irregular) in line in the wood.

The buildings are from Leven Miniatures . I'm going to replace most of my 15mm buildings with 6mm as after playing games up at Mick's (See report on Froeschwiller) I think it's better to have more smaller buildings at 6mm than the one or two 15mm ones that are supposed to represent a village. Thanks to Scotty for bringing them to my attention. Really fast service from them and great little buildings.


  1. Frankly I'm not at all happy at this point. Without my cavalry reserve (which may or may not arrive in time) I'm already thinking about preserving my troops for the next encounter. That's not to say I'm giving up mind you, but that cavalry's a bitch and is tying up too many men.
    Still onwards and upwards, we are British after all!

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  3. I'm intreged, comment removed, is this TMP!