Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Maple Leaf Forever

(Toronto, Baseball and Hot Dogs)

Here are some pics of our holiday in Toronto, which was a totally brilliant experience. 3 Baseball games; 1 with the youngest daughter's boyfriend and 2 with the Missus who was only going to grudgingly go to 1 (with her Kindle because she would be bored) and then decided that we had to go back to see another one. So Two games against the Yankees ( 1-7, 7-2,) and then one against the Kansas City Royals (4-2).

A-Rod was playing in the two Yankees games and he didn't half get some stick. Every time he came up to bat there was a crescendo of 40,000+ boos, but it was all a bit Pantomime Villain stuff. They treat him a bit differently in Boston:-

Anyway here's some baseball pics from the Rogers Centre, Toronto, home of the Bluejays:

Rogers Centre (Formerly the Skydome)

Obligatory Hot Dog before the game

Inside the ballpark with the roof closed

 Roof opening

Roof open and the CN Tower lit up

We weave our usual social magic at the Royals game

Then it's off to "The Keg" for a "Baseball Top Steak and Twice Baked Potato"

The City from Central Island and a schooner on Lake Ontario at the Harbour Front

Harbour Front

You can just about make out the roof opening in this video (I-Phone so not brilliant)

It has to be said that Toronto is an amazing city, can't wait to go back.