Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Table for "The Action At Ventosa"

I still have a few figures to paint yet, but here's the table set up for the scenario in "Wellington's Victories". The wheat fields surrounding the village are cut out of a cheap doormat from the local Boundary Mills store. We went for a walk to St Mary's Island last Sunday but didn't quite get there because my sandles disintegrated so we ended up at the store to buy another pair and they had 3X2 mats for £3.99. It was  one of those situations when you think - hmmmmmmm!

Teddy bear fur for the smaller fields on the reverse slope. The church tower is just visible to the right of the road beneath the handles of the "exercise" bike.

This is as close as we got walking along the cliff from Old Hartley.


  1. 'My sandles disintegrated', well, with your feet mate what would you expect. Rotted away probably!


  2. Thanks Scotty, as soon as I've finished the figures we'll sort a game out.