Saturday, 27 April 2013

More Bolt Action

Dave and Scotty  came over the other night for a game of Bolt Action. We are still getting to grips with the rules, so the scenario was a bit  very loose. Basically get onto the ridge on the opposite side of the river.
Dave had one platoon of veteran Germans and Scotty had two dismounted armoured platoons of inexperienced Americans. The photos show the situation at the end of the game.

From the American side of the stream
Only a couple of HQ units left with a slightly stunned M18 lurking by the house on the left. What's left of a German squad is behind the hedge by the grey dice.

From the German side of the stream
The German HQ 251 is down by the bridge, the Lt had debussed to do something or other. The surviving German infantry squad can just be made out behind the wall on the far ridge. The sole surviving American squad have also made it across the stream and are on the right of the picture - the only squad in the game to remain unscathed. A plume of smoke is rising from the far side of the bridge; more of this anon......

Dingley Dell
The American squad decided to stop for a picnic where a pleasant babbling brook bubbled forth from a spring in the hillside into a pleasant wooded valley.

The cunning German plan.
More cunning than Herr Kunning, the cunningest man in the Third Reich, Dave ordered his Hetzer to go over the bridge and get blown up, thus blocking the bridge and denying the American tank destroyers access to it. The plan succeeded.

The Ridge on the American side of the river 
Here  German close assaults wiped out quite a bit of the opposition. Inexperienced infantry is no match for veterans in a close assault. 

Pleasant Valley Sunday
I've really got to get something done about these river sections. Dave's Hetzer steams gently in the 

This M18 drove up the hill, got shot at and did a recce move back down again where it remained on overwatch observing the badly fitted curtain rail in the lounge for the rest of the game. 

The pleasant drive up to the German ridge.

American Losses

German Losses

The German Force

The Americans (2 of these)

In this game we learned:
  1. How Bazookas work
  2. How Panzerfausts work
  3. How close assaults work
  4. How HE works
  5. How to get a Hetzer blown up.
  6. I shouldn't use the word "pleasant" so much
Not the best of scenarios, but the game served a purpose.

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