Thursday, 22 March 2012

General De Brigade - Vimeiro Hill Scenario 5

Overview of the French Army. The flash decided to go off randomly despite there being plenty of light. some of the pics are therefore a bit bleached.

 86th Line - 2 battalions of 36 + 18 skirmishers
 32nd and 82nd line - 4 battalions of 24 + 10 skirmishers
 Artillery and Grenadier Reserve. 1 Battery of 4 X 8 pdrs, 1 battery of 3 X 4 pdrs, 4 battalions of 24 grenadiers.
 The hill is made of toy stuffing under the mat. 1 bag (£3.75) made the whole hill. It needs flattening a little bit.

The mat needs a bit of an iron, but this was just to get a pic of the French and see if the hill would work. It's a lot cheaper and more versatile than the polystyrene I was going to use. It's also easier to store.


  1. I do like the hills, must remember not to lean on them though.
    My flash tended to go off prematurely when I was younger, now I'm pleased when it goes off at all!

  2. You can get medication for that :)