Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Problem that is the Thirty Years War

So After having been told to get my finger out with this blog, I thought I'd better do something.
I've been interested in the TYW for years, but have never been able to find a set of rules that work for me. I'm hoping that either the Black Powder "Pike & Shotte" rules or "Victory Without Quarter" will fit the bill when they are published. Until then I've got a load of figs sitting collecting Dust. Here are some pics of my Swedish Army based and organised for FOG Renaissance. I need one more unit of Harquebusier types to complete it.
The picture of the artillery is a bit fuzzy, must have had the wrong specs on.
Most of the figures are Essex, although some of the cavalry are Minifigs. The bases are made from the 4mm hardwood strips that you can get from B&Q, Homebase, etc. cut with a small hobby table saw and flocked with Woodland Scenics ballast and turf.
Livonian Cuirassiers
Out of Focus Artillery
Commanded Shot
Red Brigade
Swedish Reiter
Black Brigade

Gustavus Rex
Blue Brigade
Yellow Brigade with the Blue Brigade lurking in the background

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  1. I'd recommend Victory without Quarter, they are fast play and give a good game. Also no casualty removal until a unit is destroyed