Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bolt Action

When I can think of an excuse for this stunning defeat I'll post a description (unless Dave comes up with some implausible propagandist crap first).


  1. I do believe that we should have kept the Americans as raw troops given their superior numbers but you took pity on me and moved them up to regulars (you fool). Other than that no excuses mate, the krauts was mashed.
    I really enjoyed the game, as last time the rules played well and felt right.
    See you Wednesday.

  2. On a read through I've found more on the armour assaulting infantry business. Only armour with a defence value of 8 or more can assault infantry. This means that tin cans like the Hezter and the M18 can't (they are TDs anyway and that's not what they are about). It also means that armoured infantry have to dismount to assault as their carriers are classed as 7.
    I think that the carriers should be allowed to shoot the infantry in as they would have a commander and driver left on board, but to be honest I'm happy to play the rules as writ and not allow them to fire when the passengers debus.