Monday, 19 September 2011

Black Powder & Bloody Religion

Being unable to wait any longer for the "Black Powder" Pike and Shot rules, I've come up with some ideas  in a format shamefully ripped off from the "Last Hussar's" Blenheim Palace variant. They aren't fully tested and I think I'll have to tweak some melee values, but  here's a PDF. I know there are some typos.

Last Hussar's site is here:-


  1. An idea I did throw out on one discussion of ECW BP is relate the stats to the bases. It assumes a 'vanilla' BP unit has 6 bases. A vaguely more developed version is something like this

    Units can be any size.
    They get 1 stamina point for each 2 bases (a size five unit gets 2 - the fith bases doesn't count)

    A unit gets 1 shooting die per musket base
    It gets 1 melee die per musket base, and 2 per pike base.

    Large units lose one off command value for each base over ?6 ?7

  2. Yep I see where you were going. Sorry I haven't responded quicker - real job got in the way.

  3. First time I've looked in for a while, the site is coming on. Good pics of you TYW stuff, I told you not to flog them!