Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Blockhouse Number 4 - WIP (3) and a (rather good) new War of 1812 18mm figure range

The palisade is now more or less finished - just the  earthy/banky thing at the bottom to paint.  I was going to paint it to look grassy, but decided to leave it as earth instead.

I've painted the areas to be flocked green, and the entrance and area round the blockhouse that is going to be muddy / earthy  brown.

New 18mm War of 1812 Range

Today I received some packs of of the new War of 1812 American range by Capitan Games from Stonewall Figures. If the rest of the range is like these they will be my new go to figures for 1812. Apparently when Stonewall took on production they found moulds for a load of figures that had never been produced before and these are some of them so the moulds are brand new.

The  figures are crisp with no flash which immediately puts them ahead of the equivalent Blue Moon  figures (see previous posts for flash report!!). In addition they actually have firing / loading line infantry figures, and a broader range of infantry and artillery figures for the yanks in general. Their British / Canadian range has Highlanders in trousers and marines of all nations can be found in their 18mm naval crew ranges.


  1. These people really have to put pictures up when trying to sell figures. I'm sure there nice but some buyers just aren't going to take the chance, it takes me ten minutes to photograph and post pics on my blog and these lot are trying to make money - get with it people!
    That's me rant!

    1. Dave I fully understand that, but when you are a one man business, taking orders, casting, getting ready for shows and bloody admin it isn't that easy - especially if you have a large range of figures.
      Mark says on the site that he'll get pics up when he can. I must admit that I took the plunge because I'd already got some British infantry from Stonewall. In my opinion the quality of the castings is now of a quality streets ahead of when they were produced in Spain or by Minifigs.
      You are still right though - people with no experience of the range may think more than twice!