Sunday, 16 October 2016

Yanks Advance Over The Niagara Frontier In A Bid To Stop The Blue Jays Winning The ALCS

Well they will be on Monday night (Cleveland have a 2 game advantage unfortunately). Until then here's the starting line up for my 1814 U.S. line infantry: some grey jackets from Scott's brigade. The pitcher needs his base finishing.

I have another 2 groups and an officer to do and I can then start to get to grips with Sharp Practice 2. These are Blue moon figures and I hope I can get the next 16 painted up faster than these which were a bit of a pain. I don't know if it's just  my eyesight going, but there were areas of flash and "burriness" that only became evident after priming (especially under the cartridge pouch). I still like them though.

For those who would expect black cross belts, I came across an eyewitness account quoted in Donald E Graves "Where Right And Glory Lead" that mentions the Americans advancing at Lundy's Lane in grey coats with  white cross belts, so that's what I've given them. I've left their backpack straps black though.