Thursday, 31 March 2016

Campaign Game 2 Pt 1

So here we go with game two of the campaign pitting the Allied Light Division against a French rearguard force somewhere in the north of Spain / south of France in 1813'ish

Dave's Light Division  was attacking and gained the benefit of an extra general and two additional battalions for being so. CONFESSION TIME: Sorry Dave, but when I was putting the figures away after the game I was bemused by the fact that there were no French units left in the box. - I had added the two extra battalions  and general for attacking when I was defending!!!!

The Light Division had a brigade of line infantry and a foot battery in support.

Here is the Allied deployment. Line brigade in column of attack on the left flank. Rifles and 43rd  to the left of the road , Ross' battery on it and the 52nd to the right of it.  On the far right are the Portuguese consisting of two battalions of cacadores and two of line infantry.

French deployment: Three veteran battalions on the right flank (1 too many), a brigadier (1 too many) a battery of medium artillery and a regiment of dragoons. In the centre, four battalions of conscript infantry (1 too many) . On the far flank, a brigade of elite infantry with a heavy battery.

Both sides at deployment:

As the allied advance began they started taking damage from the French artillery. Seeing the attack developing on the right flank, the French dragoons were ordered to the flank. In order to get to the desired position they had to cross a ploughed field and mask their own artillery which gave the rifles some respite from the bombardment
Yes we took the walls off - most of them weren't based and looked pretty awful..

Ross' battery wasn't able to sustain a viable presence in the centre, being forced to limber up by French artillery fire.

On the French left flank the heavy battery deployed with a filed of fire directly across the line of defence.

On the Allied right the Portuguese and 52nd advanced.

In the centre the 43rd advanced to occupy the farm.

To be continued..................................

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