Friday, 30 August 2013


Not a Wargames related post, just had to be said is all :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ventosa Part 2 - Stalemate

The two French battalions eventually break their opponent and one heads off down the ridge to engage an isolated British unit. The other heads towards the flank of smallest unit in Ferguson's brigade. Things are looking bad for the British.

The  pressure begins to tell , forcing back the small battalion  but British musketry is gradually wearing down the French.

The  French  brig forward their skirmishers to harass the British Square.

Full time, and basically it's stalemate with the British having two uncommitted  battalions and the French one. 

 At the beginning of this session things looked bad for the British and I think we all expected the line to fold, but the French attack gradually ran out of steam.

Next it's Talavera,..........

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ventosa - The Game - Part One

We are playing this scenario with Black Powder, Albion Triumphant 2. Originally it was going to be with General De Brigade, but I didn't quite have enough figures painted and wanted to get on with it before I go on holiday.
French - Dave

Allies - Scotty

"Impartial" umpire - me

We have got up to turn 9 and Scotty has a report here:

Here are  the pics I've taken so far:


Solignac's brigade start to move forward.

"We know they're up there somewhere!"

After obstinately refusing to move for a while, Bowes' Brigade moves forward to support the line. Perhaps they suspected that they would be needed somewhere other than where they were ordered to go......

Because once they started to move forward, Brennier's brigade appeared on the flank.By this time Solignac's Brigade was broken.

Two attack columns go in.......

and eventually break one of Ferguson's battalions. One of Bowes' battalions forms square in the face of an attack by French Dragoons.