Friday, 10 May 2013

I'm still a bit upset about this..........

Those who know me recognize how impartial an umpire I am when it comes to Peninsular War games. This impartiality is reflected in the fact that I believe that a good set of Napoleonic rules should still allow someone who is a total newbie to them to to win with a British army at the first time of asking without any undue effort.

So I was (still am) quite upset by the result of our Vimeiro Hill scenario with General De Brigade. Not only were the British unable to hold the hill, but the 43rd and 52nd regiments were forced from the table. 

I had been gearing up to this game for a long, long time. It took a lot of effort, it was a labour of love and it was going to result in mangled French columns routing from the table to the accompaniment of loud British Huzzah's as I umpired impartially from the sidelines.

It didn't quite go historically ......................................

No pics from during the game - too much table clutter - so here are the final scenes of what is left of the British - sob.

British Centre
Acland's Brigade just doesn't quite get there in time to fill the hole left by the 43rd and 52nd, but the smoke in the centre background shows where Fanes' Brigade had forced a  French Grenadier brigade to retire.

British Extreme Right
The French unsportingly brought up a 4 Pdr battery to canister range. 

British Centre
Acland's Brigade is all that's left on the hill (except for 1 British battalion on the extreme right)

Overview of the table
British artillery surrounded by the Gallic Hordes 

Fane's Brigade
The 95th, 60th and 50th blow away two battalions of French Grenadiers just outside of Vimeiro

British Right
Lost for words now

Actually I really enjoyed it and I think Dave and Scotty did too. It was Scotty's first game with the rules and in fairness the future stalwarts of the Light Division were the the victims of some atrocious dice. Next up will be the action from the other end of the battlefield - the action at Ventosa - where I impartially hope for a different result.


  1. It was a great game, but still cursing the dice, scoring 2 &3. On two dice for what should have been two basic morale checks saw my centre disappear in the blink of an eye.

  2. You'll just have to redeem yourself at Ventosa 😄

  3. Excuuuuusssss me:

    Quote - 'where Fanes' Brigade had forced a French Grenadier brigade to retire'. A three battalion British brigade against two French who's task was simply to occupy them.

    Quote - 'The French unsportingly brought up a 4 Pdr battery to canister range'. The French battery fired once, double one and went onto half effect being short of ammo resulting in 1 (one)! British casualty.

    Quote - 'British artillery surrounded by the Gallic Hordes'. They were a complete pain in the ****!

    Quote - 'The 95th, 60th and 50th blow away two battalions of French Grenadiers just outside of Vimeiro'. 'Blow away'. There still on the table ain't they.

    Quote - 'Lost for words now'. I'm not, Vivie La France!

    'where I impartially hope for a different result'. Says it all really.

    Seriously though it was a good game which I enjoyed very much and don't tell him but I agree that Scotty had lousy dice.