Monday, 14 November 2011

Light Division Finally Finished

This is the Light Division at 1:20 for "General De Brigade" rules, although I suspect they'll see more action with "Black Powder".

3rd Cacadores
Ross's Battery
1st Cacadores
Brigade Deployed
Brigade Deployed


  1. Very impressive, the artillery in particular have come up well. You see you get a posh (and warm) wargames room and it inspires you to take photo's. Good man!
    Is that a background picture of your lads humiliating retreat from the master of war during his brief foray (vacation) into Spain!

  2. :)
    No, it's a picture of my lads showing how to conduct an orderly fighting retreat in the face of overwhelming odds in atrocious weather. Maybe the "Master of War" could have learned something here that he could have used to advantage in 1812. Oh, but sorry, he ran off back to Paris and left it to his subordinates in 1808, so he didn't see it to learn from it!

    Sadly I didn't paint the artillery.

  3. Actually he got pretty good at it didn't he:
    Trotted back from Egypt
    Jogged back from Spain
    Ran back from Russia.
    Sprinted back from Belgium.
    Perhaps he based his military career on Pheidippides :)