Sunday, 7 July 2019

Buffalo Wings - Another ripping tale of Sharp Practice with Captain Murdoch and the gallant lads of Blockhouse Number 4 in the War of 1812 - Introduction.

Strange objects have been seen, and odd noises heard, in the skies over His Majesty's loyal colony of Upper Canada. After much hard undercover work, British Intelligence has made the horrifying discovery that the unruly neighbours to the south HAVE DISCOVERED TIME TRAVEL!!!!

It appears that they have travelled forward into the early part of the 20th century and brought back flight technology to a secret base in Buffalo. 

The technology must be stolen or destroyed, and in all of the Canadas, there is only one group of men brave enough or foolhardy enough for the task...............

See Brackenreid, Murdoch, and the team in their most glorious adventure yet. Can they stop the Americans "manning the air" and "ramming the ramparts"?

Stay tuned!

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