Saturday, 4 January 2014

Terrain Goofin'

I've just been experimenting with laying out a table and seeing what i can achieve with some materials to hand.

Hills: Polystyrene packing in "Asda bags" pinned down into the sub-table which is plaster board. I'm thinking of getting some pink polystyrene sheets from B&Q which will make pinning the mat down easier. The pins are covered  with Woodlands Scenics Foliage Cluster.

Fields: Felt surrounded by Woodlands Scenics Foliage Cluster.

There are still quite a few "ridges" in the flat areas and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get them out or not. Having polystyrene underneath will make it easier to move the pins and smooth it down a bit perhaps.

As far as painting is concerned I've finished the Spanish artillery crews and am currently basing them. The guns are assembled and  ready to prime.


  1. Without a doubt the best and most 'flexible' looking terrain I've seen. I will be going down that route when I scrape some dosh together.
    Are you going on Wed? Give me an Email, plus to discuss game at Micks.

  2. Great looking terrain, especially the fields